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Calm Christmas

Posted Dec 27 2009 4:52pm
Hello Ava followers! We had a wonderful Christmas! Ava is just thriving. She did have a small cold but got over it very quickly. She has been mastering words left and right. She was so grateful this at Christmas. She gave everyone a hug because she knew we were all so happy for her. She is really into Dora so I think all or almost all of her gifts centered around Dora. I asked that people get her toys and fun things this year as she CERTAINLY deserved them all. Lexis and Emeline are such great helpers and they too had a great Christmas. Santa gave them both small laptops. The pure joy and satisfation you get when you see the light in your children's eyes as they anticipate Christmas morning. How neat for me. This is Ava's fourth Christmas. Wow the years just go by SUPER fast! I'd like to share with you all four. We are so grateful for her wellness.

This was her first Christmas home....and to think Children's Hospital of Philadelphia thought Ava may have had to spend it with them. Nope we were home for Halloween!

This was her second Christmas. All was well with Ava. She was hospitalized in April of 2007 for pneumonia but got over that pretty good. She was such a happy baby.

Last year, her third Christmas was as you remember pretty rough. She was miserable and in this first picture you can see that clearly. Poor Ava...she is such a fighter!

THIS year was SO much fun. She loved every second of opening her gifts. She wanted more and more...not for the presents but for the pure joy of screading paper! We have been extremely blessed.

So here's to 2010. We pray that everyone stays healthy and happy. We certainly know all to well what is really important in life. Your love for God and your love and ability to care for family. Thanks for your continued support and your warm prayers. May God Bless you All!

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