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Busy weekend, part 2 – The Beach!

Posted Jul 28 2010 1:48pm

Anyone who knows me more than a little bit knows that I’m crazy for the beach. Growing up in Brazil, my family would spend an entire month at the beach every year and those are some of my fondest childhood memories. Lucky for me, I married another beach bum. We were very anxious when Lucy was little and we first took her to the beach. It was important that she took to it, didn’t get grossed out by sand or overly scared of the water. We needn’t not be worried. She ate the sand, squealed at the water, and loved the whole experience….

Enter Daphne.

What is this powdery substance?

Sunday was an incredibly hot day, and we made plans to go to the beach with my grad school friend Gabriela who was in town from Argentina with her husband Fernando and three beautiful girls. It was about 11am when we got there, and already too hot. We rented enough umbrellas so that there would be shade for the kids, but the sand was too hot to walk on, and the water still pretty cold – for my tropical sensibilities anwyay. I could tell D was not happy to be so hot. We walked over to the water with her, and she was not pleased. I don’t know if it was the sun on her eyes which she hates, or the cold temperature of the water, but she raised her little feet and made it pretty clear she wanted none of that.

She was, however, happy to sit on a towel and explore the sand under the umbrella. She also enjoyed taking sips from a water bottle.

The older kids had a great time and managed to play well in spite of the language barrier.

Lucy, Renata and Karen are mermaids

Our beach day ended with a massive thunderstorm that closed most of the local highways. We rushed home and I have to say D was thrilled to get clean and fresh.

I am not drawing any conclusions on her relationship with the beach. We have time to bring her over to the beach-loving camp.

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