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Buried Treasure

Posted May 31 2013 12:00am

I’ve been cleaning out a lot & it takes time, lots of time. Yesterday, I found things that pulled my heart just a little too much. I had to stop for a while. Growing up my daddy traveled a lot working construction to provide for our family. Every time he went somewhere, he would bring me back a little surprise. When I was in second grade, my maw-maw (Mom’s mom) passed away & daddy was traveling back from Jamaica. He was in the airport in Miami & realized he hadn’t gotten me anything. He stopped in the gift shop & got me a little brown bear. That bear was my comfort, I slept with him every night until Jon & I got married. That bear went every where we did, even to the operating room with me when I had back surgery. It has been thru some things, including a dog trying to eat him, but I still have him. Tonight, I plan to give him to Jackson. The memories we will share will be endless.

I also found a crocheted pink scarf Jon’s mom gave me the Christmas before she passed away. We had no idea at the time that would be her last Christmas here with us on earth. I loved the scarf & had even fallen asleep in the recliner wearing it that Christmas night. I packed it away after she passed, it carries so many memories, I couldn’t look at it. But yesterday when I pulled it out, I just took it & snuggled on the couch with it. I going to wear it this winter! She wouldn’t have wanted it packed in a closet she would want me to wear it & feel her near me!

I love finding things, but it’s not always easy to recall old memories. I will say though, it’s a reminder that those who leave this earth never really leave us.

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