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Bronchoscopy results part 1.

Posted Nov 28 2010 2:20pm
We're home!!!

Got back late last night and it's wonderful. Sophie is so much more relaxed and is hardly bothering when having her IV's.

Back to business. As mentioned on the previous post, Soph was given a large dose of midazolam prior to her anaesthetic where as normally she would just go cold turkey. This caused her to come round from the anaesthetic aggressive and very very wild. She didn't open her eyes for nearly 2 hours and we had to put her on a giant beanbag on the floor for safety until she had come round properly.

When she was slightly more back on the planet we were able to put her into the bed.

The doctor came to speak to us about what he had seen down in her airways.
The news was very positive.

Hardly any mucous, no inflammation!! Awesome.

She did have a very small amount of 'gunge' in her right upper side which he got a good sample of and then hoovered out.

Five other samples were taken and we should hopefully have some results tomorrow or Tuesday. This is the nervous part as it will help determine what she is growing down there. As soon as we have news I will let you all know.

Home IV's have started and going really well. As I mentioned, we are mixing the meds ourselves. This is some of what we came home with!

Here are a few pics of Sophie while still in hospital. She was constantly asking for toast to eat and drinking cans of coke and cups of tea.

This was the view we woke up to yesterday. Not as much as the rest of England but it's still snow, which Sophie adores!!

And Sophie sitting on her bed while daddy gets some well needed sleep behind her, as we had been up at 2 am doing her IV's as she wouldn't let the nurses anywhere near her.

Here are a few of Sophie's meds.

This is the pump used to give Sophie Tobramycin. This is the first time we have given this once a day through a pump and Sophie is unimpressed with it.

You cant really see here but Sophie is connected up to the pump while sat on her nannys lap.

This is me giving Sophie her Aztreonam. We don't use gloves at home as apparently we all share the same bugs. We just have to make sure everything is clean, the tray, the vials, our hands etc and we use the wipes to hold the line so we don't actually make contact with it.

That's alot of photos! I plan to show you all how we make the iv's up at some point so keep an eye out for it. We have to go back up to the ward on Saturday for Sophie to have blood taken to check her Tobramycin blood levels. This is really important as if they are too high, her kidneys could be damaged and also her hearing. She has already had some bloods taken and everything is within normal limits so far.

Most importantly, Sophie is back to her normal bouncy self and it's lovely to see. Now I realise how poorly she had been as her energy levels are crazy now!!

Any questions please ask. Thank you all for your lovely comments again and I hope everyone is doing okay.

Take care.

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