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blister that oozes a gel

Posted by kikib

i have a  recurring blister / callus on the top of my big toe but it hurts and until it is  popped and a clear gel comes out. I thick gel that is like tapioca. It went away for about 8 months and is now back. I soak it in salt water and keep neosporin and a bandaid on it but it becomes very paiful til the gel is out of it again.
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I was looking for answers on the same situation, so far below is what I have been able to find. I have a blister-like growth on the top of my 2nd toe (right at the cuticle-line of the nail). It's a gelatinous bump that's been there for quite awhile (several months). It's definitely not a blister, but that's what it looks like. If I push on it, it flattens for a minute or so, then puffs back up. I finally got the nerve to stick a pin in it (I know....not the smartest thing...). Clear gel-like stuff came out. A little blood too, but VERY little. I squeezed it fairly flat, but after about 10-15 minutes, it was puffed up again like before. It looks like another one might be popping up on the next toe, but is extremely small. I had a medical doctor look at it, and suggested I got to a podiatrist. But I've just been really curious about what it might be. Any ideas...?

Dr. Karpati's Answer:
This sound like a mucoid/mucous cyst to me. I know, the name sounds ugly, but this is simply a cyst formed from some fluid that has "herniated" from the toe joint that lies under the cuticle. Some times a cortisone injection zaps it and sometimes you need surgery to have it removed since they do like to recur.



i have the same thing on my rh middle finger, i have pictures, it has caused my nail to be deformed a little, it has agroove in it. I squeezed it and it popped , out came a clear gel substance. Wierd, what is it?/
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