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Big, Long F**ing Sigh (and a bit of a rant)

Posted Jan 23 2013 10:30am

from Anthem Blue Cross, dated 17-Jan-2013

We would like to follow up regarding the grievance referenced below. We appreciate your taking the time to express your concerns to us, since it is through such communication that we are able to continually improve the quality of service that is provided to our customers. 

Please be assured that the issues you have brought to our attention have been reviewed and appropriately addressed.

Anthem Blue Cross (Anthem) received a grievance regarding the non-formulary status of the prescription drug Onfi. The grievance requests that we add the drug to the formulary, since it is a very expensive medication. You are now forced to go to Canada to purchase it at a reasonable price, and your doctor has included a letter of necessity.

I can understand your frustration with the classification of your prescription. Unfortunately, Anthem is unable to alter the terms of the plan for any one member. If you wish to take a medication that is non-formulary, you are certainly permitted to purchase this drug.


The Onfi prescription is expensive and there may be only a limited number of members who use this drug. Anthem regrets that at this time it will continue to be considered non-formulary. 


[Blah, blah, blah]


G&A Representative
Grievance and Appeals Department

Well, I guess my next step is to request that the drug be "reviewed for formulary consideration at the next quarterly meeting." I'd love to call up Ms. Skala and give her a piece of my mind, but why bother? She's probably not even a real person.

I've beaten the dead horse on this one, folks, over and over. Who the hell are these people? Why, why, why don't we have universal health coverage? Why does an insurance behemoth constantly come between us and our doctors? Why are the obscene profit margins of insurance companies not more roundly denounced? Why does a drug cost Sophie $63 a month in Canada and $990 in the United States? The same drug? Why? Could there possibly be millions of children in Canada who are on the drug and thereby the price is lowered due to demand? Why is Sophie not entitled to a medication that helps her at a reasonable price? Why do people object to entitlement when it benefits a seventeen year old disabled young woman who has grand mal seizures twice a day every single day of her life? Why?

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