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Bicycle Safety

Posted Jul 21 2013 6:20pm

I was driving in a local beach community yesterday and was appalled to see six adults bicycling in a group, paying no attention to motorists, and no one wearing a helmet. Having cared for far too many head injury patients, I wanted to stop and ask what they were thinking? I don't know if it  was arrogance or ignorance. I wished I could take them all to a  head injury ward, so they could see what not wearing a helmet could mean.

When I returned home, I looked up the California helmet law and saw that it was mandatory for those under eighteen to wear a helmet, either riding a bike or a skateboard. I almost never see a young person riding a skate board who is wearing a helmet. I think parents  have a responsibility to educate their kids about the importance of wearing helmets. I often see a young person with a bicycle and the helmet on the handle bars. But of course if the adults  don't wear helmets, what does this say to the kids?

Summer can be a perilous time for accidents with drownings, car accidents, bike and skate board tragedies. I hope parents will find some way to impress upon their children that a human life can be taken very quickly with an accident or an accident can change a family's life forever.

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