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Beyoncé, Pepsi, & Let’s Move

Posted Jan 24 2013 4:53pm

From Your Health Journal…..”A interesting article today in the Huffington Post by Nancy Huehnergarth regarding Beyoncé, Pepsi, & Let’s Move. We are living in a time where obesity is on the rise in children – with so many children suffering from risk factors for heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, weak joints, low self esteem, and other risks. Many homes are having a hard time keeping their kids fit as both parents are working, less time for physical activity, and a lot of technology time. Whose to blame? I never want to point the finger at anyone. The article today discusses Beyoncé’s role with Let’s Move and her contract with Pepsi. There are many who feel this is a conflict of interest. They say how can she do both, what message is it sending. Then, there are others who do not think this is an issue, that the parents have control over what their children eat or drink – no need for concern. I do believe Nancy’s article is important to read, but I am curious to know what other’s think of this. Does it matter to you or do you think it is not a big deal? For me, I look at the big picture, and see a generation of children whose life expectancy may be shorter than their parents if they are not careful. I remember as a child seeing those cigarette commercials on TV glamorize smoking. It definitely influenced many children to smoke. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out. I provided a short snip below, but please visit the Huffington Post page (link also below) to read the complete article.”

From the article…..

In a sickening development involving the First Lady’s Let’s Move! initiative to improve the nutrition, fitness and health of the nation’s children, Beyoncé, a public endorser of Let’s Move!, accepted a $50 million deal to sell Pepsi. She’ll be hawking soda to kids on TV, at grocery stores, on Pepsi cans, during the Super Bowl halftime show and in other marketing formats for the foreseeable future.

What was she thinking? Back in 2011, Beyoncé and the First Lady teamed up for Let’s Move’s! campaign against childhood obesity with this kid’s workout video. But now, Beyoncé is playing for the opposing team as well, promoting a drink that dozens of studies have identified as a main driver of America’s current childhood obesity epidemic.

Never mind that:

- For each additional 12 ounce soda children consumed each day, the odds of becoming obese increased by 60%.

- Pepsi, Coca-Cola and other soft drink manufacturers specifically target children, teens, African-American youth and Hispanic youth through their marketing.

- Soda consumption has also been linked to increased rates of heart disease, diabetes and dental decay.

None of those depressing statistics seemed to phase Beyoncé, mother to a 1-year-old daughter. And she certainly didn’t pause to question whether she would be sending a dangerous mixed message to America’s youth, when many view her as a dazzling role model.

To read the full story….. Click here

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