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Benefits from the Health Care Act Mr. Romney Would Remove

Posted Jul 20 2012 7:57am

As I listen to Mr. Romney talk about what he would do as President, I shudder. Does he have any concept what the average person goes through to find medical care he or she can affiord?  Many seniors, in particular, don't go to doctors or take prescribed medicine because Medicare, in the past, has covered only certain things. If Mr. Romney becomes President, he will put in place a voucher system for Medicare which means the average senior will either not be able to find health insurance that is affordable or he or she will have to pay at least an additional $6400 to get any coverage. Then if the Health Care Act is repealed, the health insurance companies will have no caps on what they can charge and their rates will go higher and higher. Already the CEO of UnitedHealth insurance, which  is connected with AARP, is the highest paid excutive in the U.S. Does the man really need thirty million dollars a year? Where does greed stop?

Now that the Health Care Act is law, pople with mental illness have to be treated like all other patients.  Also if the mental illness came on at an early age and is thus a pre-exisiting condtion, the individuals cannot be excluded from health insurance coverage, as they  have been in the past.

With measles and whooping cough on the rise, immunizations will be free or much more affordable. Chidlren with disabilities will no longer be excluded from coverage, as they have been in the past. How some doctors, even those who have directed programs for chidlren with disabilities, can be against the Health Care Act is beyond my understanding, but I know doctors who are Republicans and against anything President Obama  has accomplished. Our U.S. medical care will be in terrible trouble if Mr. Romney becomes President.


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