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Be Aware that Regular Measles (Rubeola) is Spreading

Posted May 08 2012 4:23pm

A new article in the current Pediatric News caught my eye with a picture of a child with a wide spread rash on his face. I had no question that it was the measles having seen my own children and patients with the disease. (This was before a vaccination was available.) The child who was pictured had traveled to France with his parents for a vacation. Ten days after he returned home, the boy became quite ill with a fever, cough, and wide spread rash. His parents had not had the boy vaccinated.

The article states that in 2011, there were about 14,000 cases of measles just in France. This included cases of measles encephalitis and even deaths. In the United States, 217 cases were reported in 2011. If you have seen a child with measles that goes on to encephalitis, you would have, as I do, a hard time understanding why any parent would risk this serious illness happening to one of their children. They are also risking a possible death.

Now that we have many visitors coming from other countries and American citizens traveling all over the world, the risk of  exposure to an infectious disease or having one brought to the U.S. is very high. Dr. Wakefield's destructive article about immunizations causing autism has been completely refuted and he has lost his license to practice medicine in Britain.

I hope any parent who has not allowed their child or children to be immunized will realize that they could be causing their child's death or permanent disability.  



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