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Basketball, Basketball, Basketball!

Posted Feb 09 2014 9:44pm
I think it's safe to say we've become a basketball obsessed household.  If we're not at a game, we're watching one on TV.  This weekend we were at 5 basketball games.  Zach had a game Friday night at 8PM - it was too late for Alex to go so only Aaron went, but Zach's team won - way to go Duke :)    Saturday morning Alex had her last game of the season and the end of season party.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE River City Buddy Ball and what it means to/gives to Alex so it was bittersweet for me.  When they say a picture's worth a thousand words, well...

And just like all of the sports pictures all of the other athletes get to take, Alex got her own basketball picture (well, this is the one from my camera, but you get the 'picture'!)

We were getting ready to leave and Alex had a few more stares of adoration for one of her favorite buddies who volunteers all of his Saturday mornings to running her and her bud Jonathan up and down the courts - so thank you Mr. Steve for all that you do!!

While we were at Alex's last game we were talking to one of our other River City Buddy Ball friends, Bob, who happens to know just about anything and everything there is to know about basketball and also happens to be a coach (to put it mildly) for the older kids in the league that Zach is on.  When we told Alex that morning that it was her last game of the season she gave me a little bit of an attitude and I shared that with Bob when we were talking about Alex loving the program and loving all the free 'flirting' she gets with her buddies.  Without even skipping a beat Bob invited Alex and Zach to his game that evening at the local Middle School.  Alex was going to be an 'honorary VIP', and Zach was going to help 'manage' the team!
The team so welcomed Alex with open arms!!   Thank you Western Kentucky!!
I can't even begin to explain how great they were with Zach.  Zach received his very own jersey that he got to keep - which just happened to be number one...AND they included him in every single aspect of the game - from the opening 'strategy' talks...


...and team strategies...
 We may have 'suggested' to Zach that it would be kind of funny if he mimicked everything Bob did since he was "managing " the team with Bob and I have to say, he didn't disappoint :)

  I love our basketball family - I love River City Buddy Ball, I love our community involvement.  We feel REALLY blessed that we were given this opportunity and so thankful that we were able to share it as a family.  Thank you River City, thank you Kate, thank you Bob!  You made us feel so special at this game and we truly cannot thank you enough.
Alex thanks you too!  For all of our Richmond friends, PLEASE consider coming out to support River City Buddy Ball at The Barrel Thief on Tuesday, February 25th from 6:00-8:00!
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