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Back Pain caused by Pregnancy can end with something as simple an adjustment.

Posted May 06 2009 7:42pm

Naperville Chiropractor Helps put an end to Back Pain caused by Pregnancy with something as simple as an adjustment


Naperville, Il chiropractor


Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, discusses why chiropractic care is so important during pregnancy. It can relieve lower back pain and it can also aid in a quicker labor process.


May 02, 2008 - It is estimated that two-thirds of American women will experience lower back pain by the 36th week of pregnancy. Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, a local Naperville, IL chiropractor, has been helping pregnant women to relieve their lower back pain and is getting excellent results without the use of drugs.

According to Dr. Hagmeyer, "Many women are told by their OBGYN that they simply need to wait until after birth to be alleviated from their pain. This is not true. Chiropractic care can not only treat lower back pain, but often leads to a quicker and less painful labor process. Women do not have to simply accept lower back pain during pregnancy, now they can do something to prevent it."

Lower back pain is such a prevalent symptom during pregnancy for the following reasons: women experience significant weight gain

that adds stress to the lower back, their center of gravity changes during pregnancy which causes muscular imbalances and muscle fatiguing, and they experience hormonal surges which cause joint laxity and decreased joint support.

Dr. Hagmeyer says that, "Chiropractic care should be used throughout the whole pregnancy process. Before a woman becomes pregnant, a proper examination can reveal imbalances in the spine or pelvis that can lead to lower back pain during pregnancy and neuromusculoskeletal problems after birth. During pregnancy, I can make recommendations for appropriate stretching and activities of daily living that can strengthen lower back muscles. After pregnancy, many women still experience lower back pain due to stretching of the ligaments. Treatment for this should be done before the ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy state. Chiropractic care should be used throughout the whole pregnancy process."

Dr. Hagmeyer offers his first visit free of charge to any woman looking into chiropractic and how it can treat lower back pain before, during, and after pregnancy. "This way they can be well informed and it won't cost them anything." Dr. Richard Hagmeyer, D.C., is located at 1020 104 th Street, in the River Run shopping Center behind the West Suburban Bank. He can be reached by telephone at 630-718-0554.


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