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Back in the hospital

Posted Jul 04 2010 4:31pm

Yesterday was very rough.  Quite a few exploding diapers with water diarrhea and a couple of times, she spit up what she was being fed.

Our day nurse yesterday never commented on it, and looking back, there were so many red flags that he should have caught and should have sent us to the ER immediately in the late morning after what we had been telling him was going on.  That being said…

Last night, we were giving her dinner through her Gtube.  About halfway through (about 100 mL over 30 minutes), she spit it all back up.   She became pretty lethargic after that.   It was at that point, we decided to get her to the ER.

Once in the ER at Sunrise Childrens (where we were just discharged from 5 days ago), they took her into a room immediately.   She was dehydrated, and her belly was quite extended.   The doc did a full workup on her including CBC, metabolic panel, chemistries, etc., as well as getting chest and abdomen xrays to see if there was a bowel obstruction causing all of this.   She also had a fever of 103.2, so she was given tylenol.

We kept bringing up the Ativan withdrawals, but everyone we talked to did not think it was related to the ativan.  In the ER room alone, she had 4 exploding diapers.  It was almost a joke because we kept having to get a nurse to help us change the linens or get new blankets or diapers or something.  Thank goodness we brought her meds because we were able to give her 9 pm and 11 pm doses on schedule.

Even though Hannah’s chemistries were relatively good, because of her condition and just recent discharge, she was admitted last night for IV fluids and bowel rest.   Her admitting diagnosis was “viral gastroenteritis.”

After getting settled in a room back on the 4th floor around 2 am, she ended up with one more exploding diaper.  She woke up at 3:30 am, completely awake and restless.  I stayed up with her until 6 am, but finally I had to wake Daddy up at 6 am to take over because I just could not stay awake.

When I woke up around 7 am, I overheard him talking to the residents about when her last diarrhea was.  Apparently the resident was pressing on her belly, and sure enough, another exploding diaper!   It became a very easy question to answer at that point.

What was a wonderful surprise was that after that last exploding diaper, she crashed.  Peacefully asleep for almost two hours!  Obviously her stomach was really bothering her all night long.   She had one more little diarrhea diaper (didn’t explode), and that was sent off for cultures.   After that, she napped for more than 3 hours.  This is most she has slept in weeks!

Sure enough, the “rapid culture test’ came back rotavirus.   So we just have to “ride it out” with IV fluids, bowel rest, and to try and get her fever and heart rate down.

The only possible bright spot is that maybe none of this was related to the Ativan after all…. (and yes, we are continuing to wean in the hospital!)

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