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Awful People Edition

Posted Jan 28 2013 11:50am

I picked up that game the other night as I wandered around a mall in Santa Monica with Oliver. It was raining lightly outside, and we were waiting for Henry's lacrosse game to start at the ridiculous Saturday night hour of 8:00 pm. We haven't played the card game, yet, but I thought about it when I left our house this morning, mid-getting-ready-for-school festivities. The word festivities is a euphemism for the grinding hell that is mornings of late, and this morning I took a different tack by eschewing getting involved in the sibling bickering, the haranguing on getting out of bed, eating breakfast and who is supposed to feed the dog, as well as the hysteria over whether or not to dress in costume for upcoming Spirit Week.

I am a morning person stuck in this life with a houseful of non-morning types, and they're bringing me





Because I know that only I can change or, rather, respond to external stuff as opposed to reacting to it, I decided to cheerfully absent myself from the festivities. I put on my walking clothes and grabbed my walking stick (just kidding on the stick) and said, as I walked out the door, I'm going for a walk! Have a good day, guys!

When I turned my face up to the sun and the crisp, after-rain air, my coffee cup in hand, I could almost hear the mouths drop inside into lunchboxes that were not yet filled, a stunned silence that probably morphed into incredulity that one person, at least, was throwing in her hand and not playing any more Awful People Edition.

Good morning!
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