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Audrey's Sick ~ Alternately titled "Listen to your Gut".

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:11am

Whilst doing my pre-bed check on the kiddos, I noticed that A felt hot. She woke up while I was in there and seemed lucid and she wasn't complaining. I had W come and check her, too. We decided that she wasn't too hot and decided to not dose her. I did have a niggly feeling that would come back and bite me, though.

Fast forward to 2:30ish this morning. Little Miss awoke and was complaining like nobody's business. She was still hot, so I took her temp (102.1) and gave her some Tylenol. I tried to use a wet cloth to cool her down, but she was having no parts of that! She snuggled back into bed and went back to sleep. This morning she was up a little later than normal (closer to 7:30ish). She was still hot. Temp was 103.5 (eek). Gave her another dose of Tylenol, sat her in front of the TV with some seriously watered down juice. She's been there, for the most part, all morning. Not interested in eating, taking a nap or playing. She's so out of it that she just had an accident on the couch (argh!). So, now she's in a pull-up. LOL! We have an appointment at 2:30, but now I'm second guessing going in. I hate going to the doctor's office, where it's all germy, and hearing shit I already know (lots of fluids, room temp bath, Tylenol/Motrin every 4 hours). So, we'll see.

The other logistical question is what to do about Stella's PT today. Mondays are typically a playgroup (was supposed to be here this morning), followed by PT at 1. I hate to skip PT as it does so, so much for Stella, but I don't want to drag A there because she's miserable and I don't want to infect anyone else.

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