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Attentions CDH Parents.....

Posted Aug 07 2009 12:19pm
I need your help. I know I have a lot of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia parents that follow Ava's blog. I have created a poll at the right of the blog. If you are a cdh parent PLEASE take the poll. I am trying to figure out how common it is for our CDH children to reherniate. (For their patches to break or for the muscle to separate and allow things to move back up.)If you have anything further to add or want to share your rehernitaion story with me please email me at Thanks in advance!

In October it will be a year since all Ava's reherniations problems began. I am still stuck with thinking how will this patch be different. They were going to use her own muscle from her sides ands back but they discovered she was so tiny that was just not possible. I was heart broken to hear that they had to place another Gortex patch back inside her to cover the hole.

Ava's reherniation was unique in that her intestines somehow ingested the patch and tried to expel them through her small bowel. And what a great plan they had, except for the fact that they caused a total bowel obstruction when they got stuck. Heh could life ever be easy? We nearly lost her.

We live each day full of wonder and admiration of what this life is all about. Ava and all of the people in my life are gifts from God. We should never take one breath for granted.

Ava's cold is much better today. Still a little runny nose but nothing big. She did throw up the other day but nothing else came of it. So I'm happy to report all is great here at the Helmick house. Thanks for your continued prayers.

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