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At the Lake with the family, great nursing!

Posted Jul 12 2009 12:54am

Hello to you all,

How so we love your friendly calls and little visits. Your time and service to us is immeasurable by anyone's standards. What a rocky road you all have been on with us over this past year. Wow, has it been that long already?
Time flies quickly, as does adversity pass, as we face it head on, with Jesus Christ as our ally, and not shove it aside.

What a lovely Fourth of July we just celebrated that allows us to once again remember all that this country stands for and where exactly it is that we live. We live in a country that has allowed our child Jared to be alive! Savannah, Mark, Nalana, Janae, his siblings, are all so happy to have him in our lives, as are Amber and I.

We are at that point in which Jared is back home with us once again, although this time with a set of complicated medical issues that he didn't have four months ago when he was able to be at home for a full six months! His little heart, after undergoing muliple surgeries ( with more needed in the future), is stable for now, but his lungs need support through an exterior ventilator breathing machine attached to Jared constently through a trachea tube. We have been blessed to have aquired wonderful nursing assistance in our home, that are able to provide Jared with quality medical care outside of the hospitals. Jared is so happy to be home and see all our faces everyday, and hear the voices of his family.
This is the time more than any in which we will be needing your love and support. To be there as you can, to offer those long conversations of love and Christ like caring that so many of you have done so already.

Come look into Jared's loving blue eyes. Come see his eager smile and feel of his breath on your face. Come rub your fingers through his every so soft silken blond hair. Come experience a little miracle baby that Heavenly Father has given us, and of whom we have accepted to take care of.

One cannot order a perfect baby from the catalog of heaven. We have been allowed by our creator to have been given five wonderful children. Children of God that are all different, that are all here. Here to gain a physical body, and to to experience good and the bad of life. Amber and I are doing our best to raise our wonderful angels in a manner pleasing unto the Father. This can only be done through following His Son Jesus Christ.

As we do our best to accomplish this task, we might ask you for some help now and then. If we do, and you are able to, we are so grateful. Let us grow, you and us, closer to one another through this angel, Jared, that our Father has put here for us to help. Let us forgive each other of things that have burdened us in the past. Let us look into the future with a brightness and hope of things yet to come.

Our Father knows us, He loves us, He wants us to be happy and have joy. A new time is now upon the us, the Proudlocks, and with you by our side we will both grow in spirit and love.

In Christ,
The Proudlocks
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