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As Much as I Dislike Cockroaches...

Posted Nov 03 2010 3:19am
...who knew they could serve a purpose besides being disgusting? Of all the creepy crawlies that exist on the planet, I have to admit that these are highest on my personal levels of extreme "gross-out" factors.

Afterall, any living organism that would likely survive a nuclear holocaust, has no business hanging out in my house... especially if they fly ~yuck! However, I think I'll actually think twice before I find someone to crunch the next one I see. As it turns out, they possess molecules that may prove as effective treatments in combating MRSA and E. Coli... who knew? The scientists at Nottingham University did, that's who: FULL ARTICLE .

For those that aren't aware, my 'lil man has been known to get a pretty stubborn case of MRSA from a simple mosquito bite (another mystery associated with his dx of hydranencephaly, I'm sure). Very recently when he awoke with a very swollen, VERY HOT, right ear and surrounding area, scarily close to his shunt site, I got a wee bit concerned. His new pediatrician's office was equally concerned, and although we are uncertain of the exact cause (likely a spider bite)... they promptly fit him in to their busy schedule, and began a regimen of the antibiotic Bactrim to prevent the possibility of the infection spreading. Thankfully, that did the trick... with just one dose, my sweet 'lil man's ear was back :) and we're nearly done with the script.

But back to these cockroaches (it gives me the willies to even type the word cockroaches), the tissues of the brain and nervous system of these nasty little guys have been proven to kill more than 90% of MRSA and E.Coli bacteria.... most important to note, is that it does absolutely no damage to human cells, and shows no sign of possible side effects. Also, since these bacterium strains are becoming increasingly resilient to antibiotics, the use of the tissue of my new friends proves to be a quite probable candidate for use as an alternative to the currently prescribed drugs... and again, without the side effects!

So, like I said, I guess I'll think twice before I squish... and just let the little guys go on their merry way, OUTSIDE of my house! 
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