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are vaccinated infants contagious to unvaccinated infants after just receiving a shot?

Posted by abl0714

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I dont know if I understand the question but if your asking .. Are Vaccinated infants protected against Unvaccinated Children?.. But just after getting Vaccinated... NO it will take up to 2 wks for any vaccinations to take affect.. I also believe that not all vaccinations are 100%...   Also your talking about Infants.... How young and what vaccine are you worried about?.... I know My son at his 1 yr got his chicken pox  vac.. and he actually ended up getting them... this is common... But I have never gotten them.. so we were worried... but if they are vaccinated and then get the pox.. they are not contagious...
Well I am choosing to wait til 2 years until my son gets vaccinated and another 15 month old at his daycare is getting the MMR vaccination. My doctor (holistic) reccomends that I wait about 1 to 2 weeks before putting him back in the daycare since the virus could be exposed to him through the vaccinated child. This is because although the virus is dead when they inject you, iut becomes active or alive once it gets into your body. I ended up pulling him out though and everything is fine now. Thanks for trying to answer the question though.
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