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Are floating spots in eyes("Floaters") usually clear when focused upon?

Posted by wackofoejoe

I'm 14 years old, and I've had this for as long as I can remember. I just assumed that it was normal, and needless to talk about (think of your tendency of discussing your gull blader function with others). I recently found out that it wasnt normal, and googl-ed it, finding my symptoms. However, nobody has ever mentioned  what they look like when you focus on them. Usually I can't focus on them, but when I'm up close to and looking into a bright LED, they aperar perfectly clear, as if I were looking at them through a microscope. Is this normal? And is it normal to develope this in early childhood (I.E. 2 yo)? Every forum on the subject talks about people developing this during college.


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Floaters usually exist to some degree in most people.  Those who don't have them get them eventually with age.  They are small bits of debris in the fluid that fills your eye (the vitreous).  From what you've described, it is very difficult to see your floaters under normal circumstances.

 If you have further concerns, consult an ophthalmologist.


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