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Appointment updates

Posted Nov 11 2011 2:44pm
Wednesday Bailey had his eye exam and we were right he failed, but nothing horrible. He needs glasses to watch tv, see the boards at school, see the clock across the room, ect. He doesnt need them when he is playing or reading so hopefully that will keep his glasses nicer longer.

He was so funny when I picked him up to go to the eye doctor I asked him if he was ready to find out if he needs glasses, he said no but he would do it if he had too. Then he said people told him he has big ears and I told him he didn't. He told me he was a good listener, and I agreed and then he said "well I do have big ears so of course that makes me a good listener" I could not help but smile. He is so cute and so funny even when he is about to do something he doesnt want to do.

Thursday was Eva's dentist appointment, this little girl is so smart and she knows when she is there and she does not want to sit in that dental chair, she is a fighter and is very strong. I had to hold her arms, the assistant held her head and the dentist cleaned her teeth. She has 3 cavities and has to go into the hospital in the next 3 or 4 months and have them filled in the O.R. while she is sadated. Poor baby!!

Today Alex had his new treatment, he got 4 shots, 2 in each leg. 2 nurses each gave him his 1st 2 shots and then one nurse and myself did the last 2. We had to sit and wait to make sure he was ok after that so we waited 30 mins. The nurse and I sat and talked and the time went really fast and we were home before noon. He goes back in 2 weeks for 2 more shots and then we can do them at home 1 shot every 2 weeks. He said it hurt but the pain did not last long and maybe one day he will learn to do the shots himself oneday, he said he is not ready yet.
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