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Posted Oct 06 2013 9:47pm

Tom and his class went to a local apple farm in September and now he's a big apple fan. He liked them before, but only without the skin and cut up in a little snack bowl. Now he'll take an apple and bite right into it! Chomp!

Tom loves apples now -skin and all!
I got a whole bag of Honeycrisp apples (AKA - the best apples in the world) and he has been tearing them up. Maybe I need to do more of a through explanation of all foods before introducing them to Tommy.

At the farm they learned about apples and how they grow and how they are harvested and cleaned. He also tried apple cider and apples fresh from the orchard!

Who knows? Maybe all that intense apple knowledge helped Tommy to feel more comfortable about apples and brave enough to try them. He can be very hesitant when it comes to new textures and even different sizes of food. For him to just bite into a whole apple is very unexpected but really cool!

This is Tom's second year of preschool so this is his second trip to the apple orchard. Last year they got him to dress up in an apple costume and yes I do have a picture!

He also helped me cook up a pumpkin cake on Saturday for friends who were visiting. He is a good man to have around in the kitchen and he's very willing to help and sniff anything.

Mixing the pumpkin cake batter with Mom.
They often work food into the lessons at school. Last month they made apple butter at school and an apple crisp. Open House is coming up soon and last year the kids made pudding treats for the parents. It was very cute. I can't wait to see what they make this year!

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