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anyone out there know how liver disease (biliary atresia) effects children in their early teens

Posted by atwickwitch

hi there, this is my first time on this grand daughter is 12 and was born with biliary atresia.i am trying to find info on how liver disease effects their lives in their teens.she is so very tired most of the time now and i wanted to know is this common in liver teenagers.she has vit a injections every 3 weeks which gives her energy for about a week.she has a huge off the scale spleen and a baby spleen.she has many aches and pains and sleeps quite a this all common in her age group.any info at all from anyone would be such a help.many thanks jane
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Hi Im a 31 year old survivor,with biliary atresia! the website  has been very supportive and informative!!! Good luck with your granddaughter and god bless you!!
hi april B thats fantastic.i would like to ask you a few ??? about growing up with ba especially as a email address is janerance@btinternet if you would like to get in touch. many blessings jane
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