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American Medical Care Seems to be Getting Worse and Worse

Posted Aug 16 2013 8:07pm

I  have had four people tell me this week about the  bad medical care they have been getting. Three had good insurance and the fourth was a Kaiser patient. One was a parent with two children, both with special needs. She had already changed doctors twice and was planning to change again. The pediatricans didn't take histories, do physical examinations or seem to know anything about the family They had not referred her to the state program for kids with special needs, which could have helped her financially.

One of the others was told she had a lymphoma and the woman said the doctor read to her about treatment out of a ten-year-old book. Hopefully, I can help her find better medical care. The third was a man who had just lost his mother and in visiting her in the hospital apparently picked up a bad staph infection. After seeing three different specialists, the problem was not solved. A resistant staph takes special care and I hope my advice will solve his problem.

The fourth was a surgeon who seemed only interested  in operating and was not treating the whole patient.  He is what I would call a technician, not a doctor. I hope the woman gets a second opinion from the doctor I suggested. I think medical schools are turning out mostly technicians, not real doctors. I hope something changes, but patients will have to demand better care.

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