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Almost one

Posted Dec 15 2009 1:00pm
Hello everyone,

We haven't updated the blog in a while as we have all been battling a nasty flu. Alina's developed into tonsilitis no2- another quick trip to hospital but luckily no overnight stay- which of course went to her chest a few days later. We've already learnt that what Alina needs is wider spectrum antibiotics as everything she catches ends up eventually in her chest. We've finally been given a "passport" to our local hospital which means that we can bypass A&E and go straight to the pediatrics department. It's a great help and a huge time saver.
These past few months have been incredibly difficult. It's hard taking care of someone else when you are ill yourself and I always suffer when I see Alina being unwell. The doctors have told us that the first 2 winters will be hard on her and now we know what they meant. It feels like there's always something and it's hard to resist the temptation of rushing to hospital all the time. Luckily we've made some wonderful mom friends who've been incredibly supportive when I was at my lowest: Caroline and Jules, thanks a lot!
Alina's still on antibiotics and has lost quite a bit of weight but today she seemed much better and had gotten her apetite back- including for milk, which she went off for a few days. So hopefully we'll be back on the 9th percentile soon.
On a positive note, we finally have teeth!! Yayy! In true Transylvanian fashion (which is where I am from), Alina didn't get either the bottom or top teeth but the fangs. So we have a little vampire in the family :0). She's also very, very active, crawls really fast and loves being chased by Alex. After her bath- which is daddy's time- I can always hear Alina squeaking with joy as they play their hide-and-seek game.
Alina also pulls herself up in her cot and everywhere else she can and started taking small side steps along her toys and sofa. The other day she even climbed up a step but then got really scared and wouldn't move either up or down. Funnily enough she has no issues with thresholds, so I wonder if she is beginning to understand about heights?
Alina talks non-stop. She can say about 7 words in both Romanian and English like apple, water, finish, duck, daddy, mama and cat. She tells us off when we don't do what she would like us to, which is really funny. And every time she sees any of her little friends she always initiates conversations accompanied by lots and lots of smiles. Apart from also trying to feed them. Actually she tries to feed us all, most of them time stuff that she's chewed and didn't fancy finishing anymore :0).

On Saturday Alina will be 1. Wow, where has the year gone!? We have a little party planned so we'll post the pictures afterwards.
I know that I've always thanked everyone but I wanted to say a big, big THANK YOU to Alex who is the most wonderful husband and father. He's been so supportive throughout this whole time and it's obvious that he's got a very special bond with Alina. Thank you sweetie, we couldn't have done it without you!

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