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All within 24h

Posted Jan 09 2013 3:07pm


The dog puked in the house.

Zev developed food poisoning (unrelated to the dog’s illness).

Lucy discovered, to great horror and disappointment, that the dog had chewed her brand new stuffed puppy that she got for her birthday (probably directly related to the dog’s illness).

Daphne started showing symptoms of a brand new cold (school started again a week ago, we were expecting it). She whined through the night, indignant that air was not flowing unimpeded through her nostrils. I got up several times to fill humidifier, spray saline, reposition her pillow (see sick Dad above).

This morning, while I brushed Lucy’s hair for two minutes, Daphne went into the bathroom and dumped what was left on the toilet paper roll into the toilet, which clogged. Then she gleefully announced: “we’re out of toilet paper in here!”

Zev seems to be feeling better. Daphne is reportedly alright. Please send coffee, and maybe book me a hotel room for the night.

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