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Ainsley Stands! Loses a Tooth and More!

Posted Aug 15 2012 10:21pm
Yep. You read that right! I've been reading Kids Beyond Limits  and made a few subtle changes in the way I interact with Ainsley. It's a subtle change that seems to have had amazing results. Right away she is trying to do more things by herself.

Like in the morning when I found her doing this

Back to standing. In the late afternoon I took her into the family room to do some home PT and stood her up to do a little balance work. What she really wanted was to watch a show on Netflix. I knew that but we don't always get to do what we want in life. She was really wanting to get her point across but I was pretending that I didn't notice. She picked both her hands up off my shoulders and stood long enough to sign "DVD".  I couldn't believe it, and when she stopped I shrieked. Adrian came running and she did it again for him. It was SO exciting! Evie came to see but then the phone rang. It was Ainsley's pediatrician calling about something important so I had to take it. We tried to get her to repeat the fete for Evie and she did but only for a second and I caught a picture. I tried to get it on video so Steve could see later.

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