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About Blogging

Posted Apr 22 2013 1:18pm
I don't know about you, but I love finding new blogs. I have blogs that have been reading for years now. I feel like I know these people! And it's funny because some of them couldn't be more different than me, but I am still fascinated by their story.

Give me blogs over reality TV any day! You will find more heart and more reality in blogs, that's for sure. I love to see the children in these blogs progress and I learn so much from their parents.

I have spent a lot of time in children's hospitals since Tommy has been born. Sometimes you see people and you wonder what their story is. If the stares we get at our local children's hospital are any indication, I know other people wonder about Tommy and his life when they see him out and about with his cane.
Caught playing in the sink. Just like any other kid his age...
Blogging lets people in on your story but allows you to control the narrative. You can share what you want; the happy stuff, the hard stuff, or both.

I have Tom's site listed on Top Mommy Blogs as a way to connect with other readers and bloggers. I have found several new favorite blogs this way. I always find myself looking in the Special Needs section, but you may love the Humor, Home & Garden, Craft & DIY, Frugal Living, or one of the many other categories.

Of all the special need blogs on the Top Mommy Blogs site, Thomas Marshall Does It All is the only one that deals specifically with blindness/vision impairment. I think it's important to give others a chance to read about what life is like for a blind child. Please take a moment to click on this link below and vote for Tom's blog. Thanks!!

If you blog you should consider signing your blog up on this site. I'd love to see more blogs about visual impairments on this site!
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