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A Tigger-iffic Birthday

Posted Nov 01 2010 12:25am
Austin's last two birthday parties have been Halloween themed . That's the problem with being born so close to a holiday, it just meshes right in. So this year, for his 3rd birthday I decided I wanted to do something different, a non-Halloween-type birthday party. I just needed to decide on a theme.

It was almost Buzz Lightyear, but then his cousin, Elijah had a Toy Story party for his birthday in August. So I switched gears. Then we planned to go to Disney's California Adventure for a Princess breakfast. But cost and surgical recovery impeded that plan. With a chronically ill child one thing is for sure, planning too far ahead is TROUBLE.


When I came across a toddler-sized Tiger costume in a grocery store {of all places}, I brought it home and stashed it away for Halloween. Austin has a "thing" for Tigger. He watches Winnie The Pooh cartoons daily, its his latest obsession.

He even met Tigger on our last trip to Disneyland, the day before his recent surgery . He was scared and thrilled at the same time.

Tigger at Disneyland

Then the Big birthday party plans got overshadowed sidetracked by the Big surgery , so I decided it would be better if we would just had a small cake during our annual Halloween party , again.

Next year we will attempt a non-Halloween party, again.

Then on a stroke of luck, Austin was gifted a cake by Icing Smiles , three days ago. I was thrilled that they were able to pull it off, since we decided to save his "dream cake" for another date when he is finished with all these surgeries.

On Friday, I spoke with the local baker and I let her know that he was going to be Tigger for Halloween, but since it was last minute and a holiday...I let her know I'd be happy with even just a pumpkin cake.

It was all very vague.

Then she called and said it was done, so I went to pick up the cake while Austin was napping.

All I can say is WOW!!

Tigger Pumpkin Cake

Have you ever seen a more perfect fitting cake? It even matched the decorations.

Icing Smiles Tigger Halloween Birthday

Austin was very happy, although it's hard to tell from these pictures. {Smiling is hard work these days.}

Tigger Cake & Costume

Meeting Tigger

When it came time to blow out the candles I was sneaky and bought those trick candles that re-light. ;)

I love the look on his face.


Tiggeriffic Birthday Cake

But the best picture is the pucker...look at his lips rounding and the blowing! {Is it crazy that the first thing I thought was - Boy, his OT is going to love these pics!}


Blowing out the candles

When it came time to go trick or treating Austin opted -- ah, LOUDLY -- to stay home instead. Fine with me. I was just happy he tolerated the costume and the face painting.

Maybe next year we will work on actually leaving the house.

This year he just wanted to sit in front of his cake and play. He lined up all his new toys on his cake topper (with a little help).

Tigger & Friends Cake Topper

And as a bonus, he even ATE some. {More OT happiness!!}

Austin eats cake

Now that is what I call a Tigger-iffic birthday!


I need to give a shout out to our wonderful baker and Icing Smiles for making this happen. Everyone loved the cake, but more importantly Austin was thrilled and for that I cannot thank you enough. It was truly a generous gift.

Readers: If you are a baker {even as a hobby}, please consider donating your time to a worthy cause. And if you are a parent of a chronically ill child, you can request your own dream cake too.

Thanks for peeking,

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