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A pregnant mom whose baby has Trisomy 18 is looking for information

Posted Dec 29 2009 2:38pm
Alyssa looking very compatible with life, Christmas morning with some of her gifts.
Can you explain T18 in 20 words or less? Neither can I and so I need your help! I just came in contact with a lovely Christian mom, who is currently pregnant with a baby girl diagnosed as having Trisomy 18. We had a long talk and this mom is on the ball with getting informed and preparing for her future little one. Melanie is a well experienced mom but is new to the world of T18. She still has questions and would love some encouragement for this journey.

I didn't know that Alyssa would have Trisomy 18 prior to her birth, so I am at a loss for helping another mom prepare. If you would e--mail me or leave your contact information I will get you in contact with Melanie. They do not have a website/Facebook. Melanie and Micheal's baby girl is due March 19th! So this makes Melanie about seven and a half months pregnant.

Melanie was recently seen by an OB in her practice and she shared with me the following experience:" He was recommended because he had birthed two Trisomy18 babies already.
I soon realized that he had just let them die upon birth and his statements to me are following: We do not need to do a cesarean if "it" has distress during normal labor"it" is not compatible with life and should just be left to die I WAS AND STILL AM ILL TO MY CORE with that Doctor's thoughts..."

Alyssa is 17 months old, my heart is overfilled with the joy that she brings to our everyday lives. I am learning more and more that this T18 community is strong. If you have information that would benefit Melanie and Micheal in their situation, please leave a message here and send along your contact information to me so I can forward it to them.

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