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A Common Cold = Chaos For Sick Lungs

Posted May 14 2010 4:50am
Austin has been sick this week. Really, really sick. I have had phone calls daily for status updates that's how bad it has gotten.

I'm concerned.

The nurses are concerned, even his Ped called today to check on him. We were just there yesterday.

It has been a long time since he has been this ill. I measure illness by vital signs. We are dealing with increase respirations, increase heart rate, fever, wheezing, coughing, yellow secretions and low sats. He is on round the clock breathing treatments, heavy duty antibiotics and needs oxygen 24/7.

His primary nurse had a sore throat ten days ago. Then, like clockwork, 7 days ago he started coughing. And BOOM! Pneumonia.

Every virus that comes through here lands in his lungs . And, well you get the idea. It's bad.

There was brief talk earlier this week of a hospitalization, but fortunately he was able to stay home. Which doesn't make him any less sick, or us any less busy. So needless to say I am running on empty.

We have no night nursing. Never have. But I'll tell ya it's weeks like this that I seriously consider it. The days have been bad, but oh the nights have been downright scary.

Speaking of which, I actually pulled out the Ambu bag the other night. I have never done that before. Talk about a surreal moment.

Teddy bear as a patient in hospital

How do you keep from running yourself ragged when your kids are sick?

Thanks for peeking,

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