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A Bell's Palsy Needing Further Work-up

Posted Sep 13 2008 4:50am

A parent contacted me about her six-month-old child. The baby was not closing one eye as well as the other and had also developed some mild facial weakness. The family doctor had referred them to an opthalmologist or eye doctor, but they could not get an appointment for a month. I urged the mother to immediately take the baby to see�a pediatric neurologist and be sure that an MRI of the�head �was done.�I felt it would be important to look for something more serious. Sometime later, I received a very grateful message that a small, treatable brain tumor had been found.

I think this is an important case for all parents and grandparents to hear.�If you feel that something is not right even though a physician is not worried, you must keep digging until you find someone who can point you to the right specialist or in the right direction. In the past, a physician was held in great respect and parents or patients did not want to seek second opinions. In this day of fragmented medical care and inadequate medical school teaching, we all�have to keep looking until we find the right doctor or other professional. Never, everbe afraid to seek a second opinion, even if you have been going to the same physician for a very long time. No physician or other professional should be afraid of a second opinion. I have always urged parents to get another opinion if they felt at all uncomfortable with anything�I said.

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