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7 yr old with swollen lymph nodes on right side of neck, swollen the size of large egg, not sick.

Posted by adavis

My 7 yr old son's lymph nodes on the right side of his neck are swollen the size of a large egg. The pediatrician gave him an antibiotic and did blood work. The blood work came back normal. Obviously something is not normal. Could this be a virus? He has shown no signs of being sick at all. No temp, no sore throat, no ear infection and the Dr said his throat was not even red at all. No other lymph nodes are swollen any where that we could tell. I don't get why they are all so huge on one side of his neck. He looks like he swallowed an egg and it got stuck. Any idea's on what this swelling could be caused from in a child that is not showing any signs of illness?

Thank you

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Hi! How is your son now? This sounds exactly like what is going on with my six year old daughter. We had a bunch of blood work done and everything was normal, but it's been swollen for almost a year.It hasn't grown in size, but sometimes when she's sleeping it's like she can't catch her breath. Her's is not the size of an egg, it's smaller, but still very similiar.

 I hope everything is good with ya'll!

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