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7 months and quick update

Posted Aug 25 2009 7:34pm

We've recently come back from a week's holiday. Needless to say, mummy and daddy came back exhausted. It seems that the only one who had a blast was Alina :0). Admitedly, we were quite unlucky, the weather was just aweful- cold and rainy- and on top of that the boiler in our cottage broke down. So we had no hot water for 3.5 days and no heating for the entire period. It's no fun with a small baby, but there you go.
It's been great to be the 3 of us together though. Alina loves playing with Alex who invents all kinds of silly games for her. You can hear her calling him- more like screeching- when she wants to play. And bathtime with the two of them is a riot. It's also been great to see Alina's progress. She's 7 months now and weighs 13 lbs (6kg). Alina ist still on the slim side, although she eats a lot ( 1/2 weetabix +1/2 banana for breakfast and let's not talk about lunch and dinner). She is a ball of energy though- cannot sit still for one moment- and always has her legs up in the air. We already have visions of her being a great athlete. You will understand why when you watch the video.

Alina can sit up- with a bit of support. She actually prefers sitting now to laying down and of course, anything in her reach ends up in her mouth if she can fit it in. It's hilarious, she always chooses the biggest objects and tries to figure out how she can start chewing on them. She can spend a long time twisting the same thing in all directions seeing if she can find a solution. That of course, until she sees a new toy in front of her :0). Her newly found mobility has been really nice. She can now sit in our laps in a restaurant, has a few bits of what we eat and participates mainly by trying to grab anything on the table. We take turns to eat but we really enjoy seeing how she discovers new things all the time.
We've recently seen our physiotherapist who was extremely pleased with Alina's progress. Given that she was premature, she is actually ahead in her development. Although tummy time is still around the 4/5 months mark.

Alex mentioned today that Alina is a content little baby and he is so right. After everything that she's gone through, it's great to see her being so happy- she always smiles at everyone and loves being around people. We love her to bits and consider ourselves so lucky to have her in our lives.
Playtime with Emily and Izzy

Eating leaves at the Eden project

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