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#7 A Sick Day

Posted Nov 07 2012 6:54pm
For day #7 I am going on my own.
Today's post is, "A Sick Day."

Today is a sick day. He's all dressed up with nowhere to go. Not today. He has thrown up his night feed for the past two nights. On Monday night he threw up IN his bed just as he was laying down to sleep. He had to get another bath and I had a lot of laundry to do. He almost fell asleep in the tub that night, poor guy. By the time I got him clean and settled again it was late. We gave him a couple ounces of Gatoraide and put him to bed.

Yesterday he bounded out of bed in a great mood and his morning tube feed went fine. He went to school and was in a great mood all day. I was hoping it was one of those 24 hour bugs that he is so good at shaking off. It was not.

Last night I got medicine and about two ounces of his night feed into him before he voimited all over us and the couch. (Couches are practically disposable when you have a tube-fed child.) Tom's gag reflex became much more sensitive after getting his g-tube. It's like a volcano spewing and it happens without warning! No retching or gagging, it just flows.

My goal today is to give him several small tube feeds so all the hydration and calories stay in! What am I giving him? Honey tea!Some natural remedies persist because they have actual health benefits. I have been giving Tom green tea with honey when he is sick since he was a year old. I just switched to raw honey.
My arsenal!
"Research suggests it's loaded with many trace minerals, organic enzymes, antioxidants, plus antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that make it a powerful package of health. - Dr. Oz, Liquid Gold: Your Guide to Honey.

I give Tom warm green tea with raw honey and ginger in the mornings. He does not throw it up. Contrary to its hot taste, ginger is great for soothing an upset stomach . Why all the natural remedies? Until Tom is four he can't have any conventional cough and cold medicine .

Injecting a flush
 into the side port.
See this lovely bouquet of syringes? This is how I give Tom all this healthy food. I can't blender up food smooth enough to make it flow through a gravity bolus so I fill one ounce syringes with the food and use the side port on his tubing connector. You can see a picture of the tubing on the right.

This system works but it is a total pain in the butt! Lots of prep and lots of dirty syringes to wash, but at least this food stay in!

Maybe it's the thicker consistency of the food I make? I'm not sure but as long as he gets the calories I am happy! He has a check-up next week with his pediatrician and I can't wait to see how his weight is.

Hopefully this kid will be feeling better by tomorrow so he can re-join his friends at school.

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