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6year ols with persistent enlarged lymph nodes

Posted by bee

My six year old son has have four enlarged lymth nodes on the left side of his neck for the past six months. I have taken him to a GP, ENT, Pediatrician and a Pediatric Surgeon (one of the best in SA). None of them will biopsy the glands as they say the risk of surgery is higher than the risk of there being cancer in the nodes. My son is otherwise well and has not appeared to have any infections during this time. I have been told to monitor them myself for any signs of growth and only them will they consider biopsying one. The largest one is 1.5cm and the other are under 1cm or only slighly over. They say they could take years to go down and perhaps always remain this size. My son has a very skinny neck so they are very visable when he bends his neck to the side, every time I see them I freak out. My husband is annoyed and says we have received the best advice from the best specialists possible and that it is time I stopped worrying. He says the specialist surgeon would biopsy if he was not 100% sure they were not cancer. Does anyone have any experience with persistent swollen glands? I do often feel them to see if they have enlarged further, would this stop them from shrinking to their original size?
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Hi! how is your son?

My daughter is having the same problem, although she only has one swollen node, in her neck.I see it when she turns her head and it just freaks me out. I check it regularly and it hasn't grown, but it's been there about a year. She's not ill and doesn't get sick that often, she doesn't act sick and all her blood work has been good. Although sometimes when she is sleeping she acts like she can't catch her breath!



My son is 6years old and he has this problem too. I live in the UK and we have had this problem for 5years now everytime i see the dr they always give him a check up on his neck and his groin to make sure nothing is going on. He is completely well in himself. For the first year my son had blood tests once a month to keep an eye on them but they always came back clear so they just keep an eye now.

I would not worry about it too much like your husband has said you have had the proffessionals look at him and they are happy if they weren't  they would have looked into it.

It does not affect their daily routine it just means that when you think they are ill you cant look at the glands in their neck to tell you.

All the best to you and your son

Im from the UK also. My daughter who is 5 has 1 swoolen gland on side her neck at the start it was massive but has well decresed in size. She got her bloods down her white cells were a little low but apart from that were fine. She has a tooth coming where adults get there wisdom teeth and the doctor at ent thinks that wat causing but i have been worrying about cancer

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