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6 Week Post-Partum

Posted Jun 13 2009 12:11am

Had my appointment this morning. Took the girls with me. Everyone did well. I had S fed and in a clean diaper but she was still a little fussy. She did end up settling down. A wanted to be up on the table with me @@ which was a show. But, everything turned out okay. It was mostly talking. I passed the depression screen - YAY! We chatted about Stella - she asked how we were doing with everything (S's dx). I think we're really doing okay - it's not like there's anything we can DO to change things, so it is what it is. We've taken all the steps we need to (save for some additional books) to get educated and get Stelly what she needs to thrive. The most important thing, imo, is that we accept and love her and that means accepting her for who she is and not focusing on negativity. I'm not sure how I got down this long, rambly path.....
We headed over to Costco after to do a little shopping and spent $200. Yikes! That wasn't even with diapers, although I did have to pick up some meds for W and we got a bunch of fruit and other food stuff. We're having everyone over next Friday for a little party and to pack the truck to take stuff to the Lake House. I picked up brats, salad & chips - hope that's good with everyone. Also got hot dogs for the kiddos. Maybe I'll make a fruit salad or some potato salad too. As we were leaving the store, I noticed that A felt really hot. We got home and I did the butt probe and low and behold - temp of 102.6. UGH! Gave her some meds, yogurt and a bagel and she's hopefully sleeping whatever it is off. S and I are just hanging out. I need to eat & she's hanging out in the play gym. Exercise is good for the bod!

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