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#6 News Style Post

Posted Nov 06 2012 7:37pm

Today's blogging challenge is a "news style" post. So here goes....

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! 
Blind boy lives normal life! 

Enjoys playing with trucks and circle time at preschool!

Sounds positively earth shattering, right? Sorry, that's just the way it is. Tom is a little boy and he acts like one.

I get the strangest comments about Tom. People seem to think he is of another species or possibly from another planet when, actually, he's just blind. He does things a little differently but he does it all!

Is it too quiet in the house? Hmmm. Where is Tommy? Better go check on him because he's probably doing one of the following
  • D'oh! Someone left the door open and he went exploring downstairs. (A favorite occurrence!)
  • He is in the bathroom filling up the sink and splashing around. Get the mop!
  • He's in his playroom searching for something else to play with and taking everything off the shelves at once. 
  • He found a heater vent and is laying in front of it to soak up all the heat. Tom is a heat hog.
  • He's crawling around under the TV stand.

Don't believe me? Let's look at some mischief pictures.

Getting into the cabinets.

You can't find me! And you can't change the channel either :)

Splashing in a mud puddle.
Don't stand too close to the water table. You will get wet!

People with disabilities are just that. PEOPLE. with. a. disability.

You can't reduce Tommy to his blindness any more than you can label other children by their hair color. Yes, blindness is a significant part of his life and part of his identity, but he is so much more than that!

You just wait until Tom gets better with his long white cane. There will be no stopping him then.

That's the news for today. Bring on day #7!

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