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6 months

Posted Oct 04 2009 11:13pm
It's hard to believe it's been 6 months since we said hello and goodbye to our sweet daughter.

6 months.....184 days......

It feels like so long ago that I held my Carleigh in my arms and basked in her presence. It's getting more difficult to remember what she felt like in my arms. This is when I wish I could freeze time so that no more would pass and I could stop the memories from fading. I know those moments will never truly disappear from my memory, but the farther I get away from March 28, 2009, the fuzzier they become. I'm quite thankful I have so many pictures, videos, and keepsakes. I'm also thankful that I blogged about so many moments so that I will always have them.

The day went fine for me. Work was.....well, work. After said work, I picked up Kyndra from the sitter's and we went out to the cemetery. I didn't realize how windy today was until we were out there. Pulling up I could see that half of Carleigh's flower arrangement in her vase was missing. The wind had ripped it away. I left Kyndra in the van and went to survey the damage. There was a lot missing so I looked over the surrounding area to see if I could retrieve any of the missing flowers. I found most of them right in front of her stone, thank goodness. I also found one of her purple flowers quite a few yards away. I was able to put all the flowers back in and I made sure I pushed them in as far as I could to help prevent them from blowing away again. I guess we'll see if I was successful on the next visit.

I created a slideshow of her NILMDTS pictures to share today.

Words can never express how much I love and miss you. While there is pain in my heart from losing you, there is also tremendous joy from knowing you. What a blessing you are to me! You will always be my shining star. Twinkle brightly my sweet little girl.
Love always,
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