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50ipads/50 states/50 Special Kids

Posted Aug 01 2011 9:44pm

And so it has begun.

For the last week Gary James has been hand delivering iPADS to children with Special needs. Driving all over the East Coast and Canada for the last week.That is over 3,000 miles.

Somewhere around 14 delivered so far along with Thank you stops and more.

Radio interviews

Newspaper articles

All while being away from most of his family...although a stop in Georgia allowed him to spend a few moments with a child starting college.

Can you imagine? 6 kids. One in college. One a newborn and this man who once worked for Rolling Stone Magazine spends near every waking moment trying to get iPADS and the proper apps into the hands of Special Kids that need them., 2 with special needs. He has found his calling and he is following it.

This weekend a couple of us took it upon ourselves to host a Chocolate Milk telethon in his absence. He planned it. His idea but when we knew he would be on the road we did our best to rally everyone we could to raise as much money as possible for the 50/50/50 campaign by the

time he got back. We don't have a grand total yet but we're very hopeful! Go Cynthia,Mary,Deanne,Barb and everyone who helped!

Chocolate Milk Telethon? OK here's the thing Gary is very vocal about his thing for Chocolate milk so he thought,"What if the over 4,000 people who like my page each donate the cost of one gallon of milk? We could raise over $30,000.00!"

I have a link up on the right to this campaign and I am hugely passionated about it. I trained 2 Speech Pathologists and a SN parent this weekend on the simple apps I have on Abby's iPAD and held a captive audience for hours. Teachers want these apps and iPADS for their kids. I have seen first hand in my own child and others...the shock and awe of learning that your child knows more than you think they do. Has something to say. Now all they need to do is point.

If you have,know,care for or love a child with Special Needs please please donate to this campaign by clicking on my 50/50/50 link on the right or at the top of this post.

You can also donate by PAYPAL .

If anyone has any questions please feel free to write to me here,my email or Facebook.

Let's get an iPAD into the hands of every child who needs one!


Terri and Abby
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