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4 year old's short attention span and forgetfulness

Posted by sierraw

I take care of my 4 year old niece morning to night and it seems she has a short attention span all day long. When she gets in trouble I will try to talk to her about why she is in trouble, but it doesn't seems like she is paying attention. All she does is figgit, stare into space, and if I don't call her on it, she would probably walk away from me completely. Then after my explaining I'll ask her what I said and if she really wasn't listening, she will tell me that I'll have to tell her again. But if I force her to stand in front of me, look into my eyes and listen to what I'm saying, she will repeat what I said but it will be jumbled or half of what she says will be related to what I said, or the other half won't. She also seems to only remember things that she really cares about, for example: she was cleaning and found a rubber band that my cousin let her borrow to put her hair up and she reminded me about it. I can understand that she wanted to remember it because it mattered to her, but I can't understand why she can't remember that she is not allowed to hang on something, no matter how many times I tell her not to. Another thing that really bothers me is when she does something that can get her in trouble and I ask her why she does it she says "I don't know".

She also has horrible manners and has trouble understanding why she should not be rude. I have been caring for her for a few months and I need some advice please!

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