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3 days of doctors....

Posted Nov 02 2011 6:32pm
for me and Alex!

I had my appointment on monday to talk about the trial drug I will be going on. I am not 100% sure on the name and its something I could never spell anyway. But what will happen is I go to the doctors office, take a pill, wait about an hour, then get about 3 shots into 3 tumors in my leg. They took pictures of the tumors and measurments. Lets just say I did not feel like a supermodel...LOL! We have to do more blood work and wait on approval from the insurance company and then we can begin, I must say I am enjoying having my energy again and able to eat more. I have to say seafood has been my food of choice lately, and its yummy!!

Tuesday Alex went to the dermatologist because of a rash he had on his face which is now taken care of but you can still see some redness. The rash is most likely caused by his crohns flare up and could return.

Today he went to the rhurmatologist for his joint pain which is also because of his crohns, poor kid has been having some bad back pain. The new meds he will be on for his crohns also helps with the arthritis forming in his spine so that is a bonus for us, hoping it all works out for him. Also since with his 1st MRI we were able to see the spine they decided not to put him through anther one just for the spine, we got the info we needed.

All appointments went well and fast so now we wait til I get the phone call on when I start and when Alex starts his meds and we are good to go!!
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