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2010 ~ A Look Back

Posted Jan 01 2011 3:10am

Twenty minutes until the clock strikes midnight here.  Everyone is asleep, even Daddy.  We had a very quiet but nice evening at home with the kids.  We had BBQ meatballs, potato chips, carrots and dip, and made-to-order ice cream sundaes!   We celebrated the Disney Channel East news years, so the kids were able to have the new year celebration with the characters from the shows they watch (way too short, I expected more!).

But they are all asleep now, all snug in their beds, 28 degrees outside.    I just put on Hannah’s humidified trach collar, which she will wear for the next few years just to keep her trach and lungs moist (when she gets too dry, she gets junky and harder for her to breath).

Taking a cue from my friend, Cristina, I thought it would be interesting to revisit this past year through my blog postings by sharing the first post of each month.

  • January 2010Cruisin’ into 2010 .  Wow, this is when Hannah first started crawling more than a few feet.  I remember taking this video and wanting to share it with the world, I was so proud!
  • February 2010Nursing Home Visit – Third Time is the Charm! Wow, I remember what a nightmare trying to get Hannah’s Texas medicaid nursing home visit completed.  I hated this ‘requirement.’
  • March 2010Stealing pajamas .  Oh wow, I LOVED it when Hannah crawled into our bathroom to steal her sister’s pajamas!  Motivation, distance crawling, and just being a sneaky little girl.  LOL
  • April 2010Weekly update .  Yeah, I remember being overcome with this feeling that Hannah definitely was becoming a toddler at that point, attitude and all.  This was also when we started seeing what we now know was more neuro damage with her W-sitting, curled toes, etc.
  • May 2010S.O.S. Wow, I thought I was stressed out and overwhelmed back then.  Never would I think just two weeks later our life would change so much when Hannah became so sick.  What I would give to go back to that level of stress.
  • June 2010PICU, Day #15 – Sedation and Bacteria .  No comment.
  • July 2010Ativan Withdrawals suck!!! And this was only the beginning…
  • August 2010Baby ‘food’ steps .   I guess the good news is that we got her feeds under control.  The bad news is that she is aspirating even tiny bites of food now, so …
  • September 2010Needing Hope .  I remember when Abby made that comment that my heart just stopped.  This was hard to re-read because I feel much the same way today.
  • October 2010Hannah and Minnie .   …and Minnie and Mickey are still a big fixture in this house!  I love these pics.
  • November 2010Ugh, this dang movement disorder!!
  • December 2010Lots of Docs and Therapy .   And it all starts up again next week.

One minute until midnight.  Goodbye 2010.  Hello 2011 and hello hope!

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