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13 months - 9 months corrected

Posted Nov 11 2009 10:03pm
On November 15th Kyle was 9 months corrected.  On November 22nd Kyle was 13 months old.  I am amazed at all he is doing at only 9 months corrected.

Kyle is crawling - not just bunny hop or army but hands and knees left right pattern (this is a big accomplishment!) crawling.  The other day kyle did 2 things that show great cognitive skills!  He was playing with a blue shape toy - eating it i think - He accidentally drop/tossed it and it went 4 feet away or so and under his toy slide.  He got on his hand and knees from sitting, crawled over there, ducked under the slide, got the toy, sat back up and continued to eat the blue shape toy!  This is GREAT motor planning!!!  then just a few minutes later - Jadon and jack were sitting down with me reading our bed time story - they were getting a bit wired (who knew - reading - bed time -wired - those all go together right?!?!)  Kyle started squealing and crawled right over to be in the middle of it all.  I can't even type that with out tears of joy flooding my spirit!  That is pretty close to my vision of all three of them in the back yard running and playing!  We really will be there - we really will.  it is still hard to just embrace that and run.

This past week kyle also signed "eat" and "more" on his own!  He now recognized that when he can not see something it is still there.  again - GREAT cognitive stuff.  I keep saying that b/c motor planning, and cognitive have been said to be kyle's areas that he will most likely struggle and they are the areas he has been the most delayed.

Also in therapy yesterday, Michelle (this is Kyle's OT that he sees weekly) handed him  a toy in his right hand and then offered him another toy far out to his right side.  usually kyle would drop the toy in his right hand to grab the new toy.  He had not connected that his right and left side could work together.  this is a HUGE milestone for Kyle!  He did it.  He moved the toy in his right hand to his left and went for the new toy with his right hand.

I don't even know what to say.

Kyle I am so proud of you.  You work so hard everyday - and your precious attitude is like non other I have ever seen.  Your determination to play with you big brothers astounds me; your laugh is so joyful it is almost like you know - you know what you have been through and you are so happy, so determined to grow into who the lord has created you to be.  You are the bravest little boy I have ever known.  I love you.

I am praying for my heart to believe what my mind can not understand.  My husband is the most beautiful picture of this.  His faith, his true love for God and who jesus was on this earth, his passion for people to see holiness, his desire to pursue - it is like no other.

this video is of kyle tasting ice cream for the first time.  this is the first time we saw kyle look for something out of his sight!

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