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11 month baby (boy) low body temperature (96.6F)

Posted by chiutes

His body temperature decreases to as low as 96.4 F (35.8 C). This is his anus temperature is measured with digial thermometer. This is not just one time measurement result.  He suffered from bronchitis for 7 days and pharyngitis for two weeks right after  bronchitis. He took amoxicillin (anti-biotics,doctor switched to other anti-biotics after 7 days of pharyngitis), some anti-phlegm drug, and anti-cough drugs during this period. My baby had high temperature during this period (as high as 104.4 F). Of course I used antifebrile following doctos instruction. This low temperature phenomenon happened during this period also. Now the high temperature is gone and baby seems OK. But the low temperature is still there. Now the strange part. This low temperature is happening only at night when the baby is sleeping. During the daytime, his temperature seems normal. I don't see anything noticeble change in baby's behavior pattern during the day. What went wrong ? Should I worry ?Thanks. Soo


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