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10 year old with recurring fever, stomach ache, dizziness and sore throat

Posted by tig2mar

My 10 year old daughter has had a fever for the past 6 weeks. We have been to the doctor every week.

She has had a CBC, which was completely normal.

Scan of her sinuses to look for sinus infection, also normal.

Tested for UTI, negative.

Taken for dental x-rays to look for possible infection, nothing found.

Multiple strep tests were negative.

She complains of a sore throat on and off, and stomach feeling “icky” (and tired) on most days.

Also complains of feeling dizzy on and off.

Fever is usually between 100 and 101.

Her voice sometimes sounds hoarse, but not always.

The next step according to her pediatrician is a blood draw where they tag the white blood cells with radioactive isotopes and put them back in to figure out where there may be an infection.

Please help us with this mystery!

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Has your doctor tested for Mono yet?  When I was 13 (and these days 10 and 11 seem to be the new 13), I was sick for nearly a year before a Doctor ran another Mono test.  The first test showed negative because I had been on antibiotics, which can cloud the results.  Have her checked for Mono today!
They tested my son at the age of 3, and the test came back positive and know i think the 5 year might have it. we are going on 4 days of fever,pain in stomch, and sleeps all the time
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