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10 year old with bad blisters on lips

Posted by Lee Anne

Hi, my daughter has been getting these red blisters on her lips since she was six. She is ten now and really upset about how it looks. They seem to start out as chapped lips then her lips start to swell and blisters appear. The blisters look like blisters that a person would get if they were sunburned. I have tried abreva, antibiotic, carmex and other types of treatments. With the antibiotics, when the doctor prescribes anything other than the type for strep it doesn't work at all. The strep antibiotic works 50% of the time but the blisters still seem to take a turn for the worst before they get better. I would appreciate the assistance in finding out what is wrong with her lips. I also took pictures of her lips to show someone if they are needed. Thank you and I look forward to your answer.
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