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10 months old and crawling away

Posted Oct 21 2009 1:28pm
On Monday Alina was 10 months old. We celebrated by going to the Tandridge Teddies playgroup where each child was having their picture taken. Even though mummy had made a mistake and gave Alina a chocolate biscuit before the photo shoot- most of which ended up on her face and clothes- Alina proceeded to give the biggest smiles ever to the photographer. Very impressive :0). I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures in a few weeks.At the playgroup Alina watched her friends crawling around and when we came home, she decided that she had had enough of crawling backwards. She's been doing that for 1 month now and she's probably thinking that it's just gotten a bit boring. So, in the past few days she's perfected her crawling skills. We're so proud of her and at the same time we can't stop laughing. She makes the cutest noises and it definitely looks and sounds like she's making a huge effort. Mind you, she's got quite a bit of weight to carry.: 0) She's almost 7.5kg ( 16 lbs and 8 oz) and even looks chubby. The other day she was sitting next to a friend of hers who is 11 months old and they looked very similar in size.
So gone are the days when everyone was telling us how small she was- which by the way, made me utterly furious. "

Alina is doing great. She's had a runny nose for the past 2 weeks but seems to be coping very well with it. We had a check-up at Kings and even the consultant couldn't believe it, that despite her cold, her lungs sounded very clear. Our appointment lasted literally 5 minutes because he had nothing to say. And the next time we will see him again is in 4 months- YIPPEEE.

Apart from crawling Alina also likes to stand a lot and is even trying to pull herself up in her cotbed. Alex caught her licking the bars...maybe I should smear them with chocolate :0). She still doesn't have any teeth but we are amazed how good she is at chewing. She basically will have anything and luckily we love cooking, so she gets spoilt with fancy French recipes (Alex's latest hobby), some Thai and lot of Italian and Romanian. My father-in-law after hearing that she had had venison said that she will have expensive tastes and he is probably right. I am afraid we are spoiling her a bit :0).

I hope you are enjoying the video. It really made us laugh. And thanks again for all your comments and for visiting our blog.

Big hugs from the Houchins
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