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Will surgery correct my chiari malformation?

Posted by jessrochefort

i am terrified. I was diagnosed with ACI a week ago. I have had bad headaches and passing out for the longest time. Will surgery correct it or will it still be as bad? Will I pass onto my sons?
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Everyone is different. Some get relief from surgery some dont. There is nothing that the medical professional have been able to find that dictates who will benefit and who wont. I know this is probably not the answer you are looking for but it is the truth. I have been suffering with Chiari symptoms for over 15 years but was diag. 10 yrs ago. I have elected to not have surgery because the odds from my research is just not good enough for me. I have spoken to several chiarians that have been decompressed and only one of the probably 50 is symptom free since surgery. That is just the ones I've talked to. I am sure there are other success stories out there, I just haven't heard them.
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