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Well, Then

Posted Nov 29 2008 12:19pm
I fell asleep in the MRI tubes today. I think I may have passed out from stress/lack of sleep, but I had a dream I was in India, and it was loud and buzzing.

My backpack is as full as possible. Now I have to clean the apartment. Or try. And beat my carryon to death.

They mislabeled me at the hospital at first, and looking at my bracelet I realized I was not a 41 year old male named Bert. I wonder what Bert was there for. I helped a woman next to me open her tasty barium shake and grimaced with her as she drank it. I pondered how it's been ages since I drank barium. I recall last time they wanted me to, and I shoved my hands under my armpits, clenched my jaw shut, and shook my head furiously. I think I may have blogged about that, sometime in 2005.

I sat in the backroom in my dinky gowns talking shop with the other scanees..cancer patients, MS patients, post surgical brainy type patients, and there was an impromptu scar show and tell. I practiced holding my breath, just because it kept me from crying.

I want a nap, but I have so much to do. I think my body needs to hibernate for a bit, to stop thinking.
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